The Only End-to-End Solution for Zero Trust On The Market

  • Authenticate user and device
  • Via Syxsense authentication framework
  • Via API calls to multi-factor authentication tool, such as Duo

Call Syxsense Zero Trust

How Do You Create Zero Trust?

  • Device Health: required patch level. 
  • Installed software: Cylance, antivirus
  • Open security vulnerabilities
  • Bitlocker enabled 

Create Security Posture

  • Verification established on user and device
  • Reevaluated at each login

Trusted Device Status

What our customers say

I enjoy a few things about this software. The ability to remote into a system, send software updates, patch management, and system information are the top tasks I use. The remote feature is great and easy to use. The software patching works great and sends an email once complete. You can reboot a machine. And last, I enjoy having access to the system information - IP Address, Installed applications, etc. - without having to ask the user to provide this information. Works great!

Derek E.

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Vet - Complete visibility into all endpoints’ configuration and state of compliance using a single agent

Verify Verify trusted user authentication requests via the Syxsense console or optionally, connect with external multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools to provide a “go, no-go” security status of devices.

Validate Automate the immediate enforcement of access policy requirements and remediation of non-compliant endpoints using the Syxsense Cortex™ remediation engine.

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